Brian Beer is as much a visual experience as an auditory one. When listening, you'll notice combinations of jazz, rock, pop, classical and new age. Trying to categorize his music is pretty impossible. But that's okay, once you see him play, you'll say that how he plays is pretty impossible, too.

Brian primarily plays two instruments: a stick and a box.

The Chapman Stick is a 12 stringed instrument that looks like a huge guitar neck with bass and guitar strings all on the same instrument. It is played with two hands tapping the strings to the neck where each hand is playing something different, allowing Brian to play bass, rhythm and lead parts concurrently.

The Beer Matrix Box is an instrument created by Brian that incorporates 18 rows of buttons triggering synthesizer voices. To say that Brian is the best “box” player in the world is a given, since he is the only box player in the world.